Vattenfalls koncernchef Anna Borg var den enda svenska som deltog i president Joe Bidens globala klimatmöte idag. Här är hennes anförande.
Thank you secretary for the nice introduction.

Thank you President Biden and Secretary Kerry for your leadership.

With the United States now re-entering the global climate arena and the Paris agreement, you can count on Sweden as a partner in this critical work.

Vattenfall is one of the largest energy companies in Europe, with its origin and base in Sweden.

A few years ago, Vattenfall embarked on a journey. 
With the goal to enable fossil-free living within one generation. This is not our sustainability strategy.

It is our business strategy. And it is sustainable.

We are not just phasing out fossil emissions from our own operations, 
we are working in close partnerships with our customers to help them do the same.  We have more than 100 years of experience of innovation and a large and growing portfolio of sustainable and fossil free electricity.
We believe we can drive innovation through electrification,

5 years ago – building on Swedish heritage of cross-industry innovation – we began a partnership with leading mining and steel companies LKAB and SSAB. Together we created Hybrit, with the aim of producing the world’s first fossil free steel.

The key is to replace the coal used in the existing steel-making process, 
with hydrogen produced using fossil free electricity. This is the biggest shift in steel making industry in 1000 years.

Together, we have built a pilot plant in the Swedish town of Luleå and this year it will produce the world’s first fossil free steel. Right now we are taking the next step, a demonstration plant for large scale production of iron sponge.

This is no longer a vision. It’s happening.
And it has the potential to change the world.

Hybrit is not the only initiative emerging from Sweden.
There is a growing industry cluster around mining, 
steel and new energy intense businesses, 
like battery production for electric cars. 
One of the main problems now is finding all the people needed to work in these industries and projects…

The current technology development is dramatically driving cost down for CO2 free technologies. 
The single most effective tool in this transformation in Europe, 
is the fact that there is a price for emitting CO2. This drives innovation.

Vattenfall is partnering up to decarbonize also other sectors like refineries, transportation, mining and chemical industry.

I commit to make sure 
that Vattenfall meets the targets in the Paris agreement by phasing out fossil emissions from our operations, by enabling our customers to do the same.

Transforming into a sustainable business is not only possible. It is THE way to have a competitive edge in the future. And the future is not happening in 2050. All of us are creating it. Here and Now.